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Employer Health Services

We offer a broad range of employer health services, including:

  • Pre-employment blood testing
  • Biological monitoring
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) testing
  • Drug testing
  • Trace metal analysis

We work with organizations in all industries to help them monitor the well-being of their employees, minimize their employees' health risks and promote wellness in the workplace.  We also provide customized laboratory services to occupational health organizations based on their clients' specific needs including on-site collections and customized requisitions.

Utilizing CLS as your primary diagnostic laboratory has the following advantages:

Testing Consolidation and Management
CLS can act as your single point-of-contact for all laboratory testing.  Should we not perform a test your requested in-house, an external laboratory will be sourced based on your priority requirements (i.e. location, turn-around-time or price).

Competitive Pricing
In addition to competitive pricing, your organization will benefit from the preferred pricing we receive from external partner laboratories.  This ensures you are receiving the most competitive price available for all your testing needs.  In addition, your courier-related costs should decrease when sending all testing to CLS as we are able to leverage our existing shipping schedules and preferred rates when shipping specimens on your behalf to external laboratories.

Mobile, Onsite Blood and Urine Collections
CLS has an extensive mobile collection network, utilizing trained personnel that can visit your site and collect blood and/or urine samples.  This eliminates the need for your employees/clients to visit one of our Patient Service Centres (PSCs) or for your staff to collect specimens.

Logistical Support
Utilizing our in-house courier system, CLS can provide specimen pick-up within the City of Calgary and the surrounding area.  Testing not performed in-house will be referred to an external partner laboratory.

Medical Consultation
Our Medical and Scientific Staff can liaise with your Medical Staff and/or Senior Management to provide advice on the development and maintenance of an effective laboratory testing menu suitable for your organization.

If you are an organization or occupation health company looking to find out more about our Employer Health Services, please contact:

or call 403.770.3959