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Frequently Asked Questions - Research

Should your query not be answered below, please email for further information.

External Application Process

Who do I contact should I wish to utilize CLS for a research study?


I need a quote from CLS to perform a unique type lab test... who can I contact?


Why do I have to submit my study protocol and ethics approval to CLS?

In order for CLS to fully understand your research needs, we need to fully understand your study. Your research protocol provides this information. A valid ethics approval is required for any research involving human subjects or material as per the CHREB requirements. A valid copy of the ethics approval for your study is required by CLS in order to render research services.

What is a research agreement?

It is an agreement between CLS and the Principal Investigator of the study that contains a description of the research project, laboratory procedures, prices, terms, and conditions required to support the approved research project. The Principal Investigator is required to sign this document.

Do I have to submit annual ethics renewals or ethics amendment communications to CLS?

Yes. A valid copy of the ethics approval is required by CLS to render research services. CLS reserves the right to suspend research services for a project for which no valid ethics approval/renewal has been submitted. Please submit any ethics queries or renewals to

My study has been suspended / completed / terminated early... do I have to inform CLS?

Yes, At CLS we perform routine updates to our research records and require up to date information pertaining to your study for tracking / costing purposes.

My study is now complete and I have extra CLS test kits left over...who can I contact at CLS for support?

Please contact 403-770-3648 or 403-944-3407 for further information.


Research Competition Process

Where can I find out more information to see if I qualify for this?

Visit or call 403-770-3648.

What is a letter of intent?

It is an application form for research project funding submitted by the researcher/investigator for the CLS Research Competition. Applies to internal and external researchers and CLS staff who wish to apply for funding through the CLS research competition program.

Where can I find the submission deadline dates?

Visit or call 403-770-3648.

If I need help preparing a budget for my application submission, who can I contact at CLS?

Visit or call 403-770-3648.

Database Research Application Process

I need data for a research project...who do I contact at CLS to start the process?

Email or

Where can I obtain the Research Database application form?

OP7076 Request for Data form

Can I request a feasibility analysis before I obtain ethics approval?

Email or for further information.

How will the data I requested be released to me?

Data will be released to the Principal Investigator by the Research Supervisor or research Designate via the electronic methods specified in the request for research data application form.

The study I am doing involves a retrospective data I require prior ethics approval?

All research requests for data will be reviewed for ethics concerns. Please email or so that your study request can be evaluated.

Why does my research protocol require a privacy and data protection review?

As CLS is the custodian of privileged patient information we must therefore ensure any research undertaken has the appropriate privacy/data security controls in place before it allows access to sensitive patient information/ specimens/materials.

Should I have technical questions about the data I acquired who can I contact at CLS for support?

Please contact the CLS research designate that released the data to you.

When is payment for CLS’ services due?

Upon receipt of the CLS invoice, within 30 days unless otherwise agreed.



Ethics, Privacy Protection, and Information Security

Why are all research applications screened for Ethics?

Research projects involving human subjects or materials must be reviewed as per CHREB policy ( ).

Why does a research protocol require to be screened for Privacy Protection issues?

CLS is the custodian of patient laboratory information and therefore must ensure any research undertaken has the appropriate privacy/data security controls in place before it allows access to sensitive patient information/ specimens/materials.

I want to perform a study that will involve the use of patient identifiers. What security steps do I need to implement to ensure I adhere to CLS information security and privacy policy?

Email or to obtain comprehensive information on the data security aspects of your proposed study.

My study is now I have to inform CLS?

Yes. Email the research designate/coordinator who set up your study. We require any updated study information for tracking and costing purposes.

Specimen Requests for Slides, Tissue Blocks, etc.

I need to prepare a budget for a proposed research protocol... who can I contact to get the cost of requesting slides/ Tissue blocks from CLS?

Contact the Anatomical Pathology Research Coordinator at or 403-944-5671.

Who do I contact to request slides or tissue-blocks for research?

Should your study have a valid RS number and is already approved please contact the CLS Anatomic Pathology Research Coordinator at or 403-944-5671. Should your research project still require CLS approval please contact or call 403-770-3648 / 3315.

Why do I have to get an “RS” number before I can access blocks and slides for research?

A valid RS number implies that your research project has already received CLS approval and that your account is now linked via the unique RS number with your study and will be billed/processed accordingly for any services performed/ materials requested .

I am currently performing an active study with CLS and have been allocated an RS number. Can I use this RS number to request slides/ tissue blocks for another study that I am thinking of doing sometime in the future?

No. CLS evaluates each research request separately and allocates a unique RS number that must be used for that specific study ONLY.

I did a study with CLS a few years ago that is currently terminated/ complete. Can I use that RS number to request slides/ tissue blocks/ materials for another study I am doing?

No. Once a study has been completed/ terminated/ suspended the unique RS number assigned to that study is no longer valid and will not be accepted in requests for services/ materials. Your new study will have to be processed as a new application and issued its own unique RS number before access to materials/ slides/ tissue blocks / services is granted.