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Patient Requests for Copies of Laboratory Records

Can I Get My Lab Results From CLS?

  • CLS encourages patients to obtain their test results through consultation with the ordering physician.
  • CLS recognizes the right of individuals under the Alberta Health Information Act to access their own information and has an Access Request procedure in place for patients who wish to get copies of their laboratory records.

How Do I Make An Access Request?

1. Complete the Request to Access Health Information HIA7600 form.

Note:  If you need your results for a doctor's appointment or because your physician requires you to monitor specific lab results, call the CLS Laboratory Information Centre at 403-770-3600.

2. Send the form and the $25 fee payable to Calgary Laboratory Services to:

CLS Laboratory Information Centre
Attn: Client Interface Team
#517, 12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE
Calgary, Alberta T2J 7A4

Online credit card payment option is available. Submit your Request to Access Health Information form indicating you would like to make an on-line payment, and the CLS Client Interface Team will contact you with an invoice number. Note:  It is very important to enter the correct routing number and invoice number. Enter 3003 in the routing number field. The invoice number is your Access Request number and will be provided to you by the CLS Client Interface Team.     

  • To make an online credit card payment:    
  • The system will guide you through the process

How Much Does It Cost?

  • There is a basic $25 administrative fee for patients who wish to obtain copies of their laboratory records from CLS.
  • There may be additional fees depending upon the complexity of the request.  If this is the case, you will be provided with a fee estimate before the request is processed.
  • Fee must be before your request will be processed. If you cannot afford the fee contact the CLS Client Interface Team at 403-770-3959.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Records?

  • Under the Health Information Act a request must be responded to within 30 calendar days unless the time limit has been formally extended.
  • Most requests for recent lab test results are processed within 5 working days after the written request and $25 fee is received in the CLS Information Access office.

How Will I Receive My Laboratory Records?
Depending on the type of record:

  • Copies may be sent by mail.
  • You may be required to come to CLS with picture ID to pick-up records.

Is There Any Information That Won't Be Released?
In most cases records are released in full.  However, there may be exceptions. The CLS Information  Access & Privacy Advisor will contact you directly if there is an exception. 

Who Can I Call If I Have Questions?

  • For general information about making a request, fees, or the status of your request call the CLS Client Interface Team at 403-770-3959.
  • For specific questions about CLS policies for release of information contact the CLS Information Access & Privacy Advisor directly at 403-770-3246 or email us at