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Standing (Recurring) Orders for Laboratory Tests

Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS) provides a Standing (Recurring) Order service for patients who need to have laboratory testing on a repeated basis (e.g. weekly, monthly, bimonthly) as ordered by a physician. 

Standing (Recurring) Orders requires that:

  • All standing (recurring) order requisitions indicate an effective or start date AND an expiry date (maximum of one year from the effective date).  If no expiry date is indicated on the requisition, CLS may add an expiry date of one year from the time of the initial visit. 
  • Upon expiry of a standing (recurring) order requisition, the patient and/or practitioner will be notified and asked to provide a new requisition if continued testing is required.
  • A new requisition will be required prior to the expiry date if updates or changes are required
  •  Standing (recurring) order requisitions:
    - must include the frequency of testing required. 
    - must clearly indicate the responsible practitioner.
    - will only be accepted for routine testing.