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Mobile Collection Service Information for Patients

Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) provides Mobile Collection Service (MCS) for patients who face significant medical challenges that prevent them from accessing Patient Service Centres (PSCs) for blood collection. Home collections may only be requested by attending physician(s).

Patients who do not meet the criteria for home collection may go to any Patient Service Centre for blood collection. Locations, hours of operation and appointment booking information can be found at Appointment Services.

Patient appointment information
On the day of collection, the patient must be available at home between 07:30 - 16:00. The patient must call the MCS Office at 403-770-3351 if there is a need to cancel a scheduled collection. If the patient is attending a medical appointment near an APL PSC or acute care outpatient lab, please notify the MCS Office and request that we fax a requisition to that location for blood collection.

Mobile Collection Service will be cancelled if:

  • The physician cancels the order 
  • The physician fails to renew the order
  • Patient refuses to have specimen(s) drawn
  • Patient is not home on two separate occasions. This rule does not apply if the patient's absence is due to being at an Emergency Department, or is hospitalized
  • Patient, caregiver or family member is physically or verbally abusive to lab staff
  • Location of service is assessed as unsafe for APL staff
  • Patient does not follow APL Pet Policy by securing pets while APL staff are in the residence