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Mobile Collection Service Information for Patients

Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS) provides Mobile Collection Service for patients who face significant medical challenges that prevent them from accessing Patient Service Centres (PSCs) for blood collection (see criteria below). Mobile office hours are Monday through Friday 07:00-16:00.

On day of collection, patient must be available at home between 07:30 - 16:00. The patient must call the office at 403-770-3351 if there is a need to cancel a scheduled collection. If the patient is attending a medical appointment near a CLS PSC or Acute Care Outpatient lab, please notify the Mobile Office to fax a requisition to that location for blood collection.

To be considered eligible for this service, patients must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Patient has a mental health problem such as agoraphobia, debilitating anxiety, or psychiatric condition that prevents them from leaving their residence
  • Patient has dementia or brain injury that would present as a safety risk travelling to a CLS Patient Service Centre
  • Patient suffers from a medical condition such that a trip of an hour or more outside of the home would compromise the patient's health
  • Patient has high oxygen requirements that cannot be safely met by the use of portable oxygen

Patient would not be considered as eligible for Mobile Collection Service if the following apply:

  • Patient resides in a "Seniors Complex" and does not meet mobile criteria
  • Patient is a resident in a facility that provides transportation for activities such as shopping, social outings, etc. in which the patient participates
  • Patient is able to drive a motor vehicle
  • Patient is experiencing financial pressure or social pressure as a result of having to travel to a PSC
  • Patients who are able to arrange transportation for other activities such as shopping, banking, and/or hair appointments
  • Patient is able to take extended vacations
  • Patient is able to return/has returned to work
Note: Patients do not qualify for service on the basis of age alone.

Triggers for Cancellation of Service
  • The physician cancels the order
  • The physician fails to return completed confirmation order on two separate occasions
  • The physician fails to renew the order
  • Patient refuses to have specimen(s) drawn
  • Patient is unable to be contacted prior to collection visit, and is not home on two separate occasions.  This rule does not apply if the patient's absence is due to being at emergency or is hospitalized
  • Patient, caregiver or family member is physically/verbally abusive to lab staff
  • Location of service has been assessed as unsafe for CLS staff

Provision of Mobile Collection Service maybe considered for unusual or extenuating circumstances based on consult between the health care provider and Calgary Laboratory Services.
Mobile Collection Service Information for Physicians

Patients who do not meet the criteria for residence collection may go to any Patient Service Centre for blood collection.
    Patient Appointment Information

Home collection may only be requested by attending physician(s).  Originating order requires a Mobile requisition to be completed and faxed to the Mobile office.  Once a mobile patient file is established, any changes to the original order must be made by faxing the Mobile office.

All requisitions for blood collection must be faxed to the Mobile Office for verification and data entry.

Mobile Phone Number: 403-770-3351
Mobile Fax Number: 403-777-5222