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HIV Serology

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There are two laboratories that perform HIV Serology testing in Calgary.  Testing location depends on the rationale for test request:


Immigration, insurance or company medicals: performed at CLS, see HIV Serology, CLS

Medical requests for HIV Serology: (e.g. clinically indicated testing, occupational exposure) performed at Provincial Laboratory, see HIV Serology, Provincial Laboratory

Medical requests for HIV Serology by Rapid Assay: performed at CLS (see HIV Serology by Rapid Assay), and is only available for acute cares sites and for:
-      Significant occupational exposure to HIV.
-      Labour and Delivery patients with no available HIV pregnancy screen result and with high risk behavior (note: rapid HIV is not performed on
Acutely ill patients for whom rapid result is required for immediate patient care.

Travel or work visa: some countries may have specific requirements for testing at a public health laboratory.  It is the responsibility of the patient to identify this need at time of presentation for collection.  CLS is aware that Papua New Guinea, Russia and Saudi Arabia carry this requirement and testing must be performed at  Provincial Laboratory, see HIV Serology, Provincial LaboratoryIf the requirement for testing at a public health laboratory is not identified by the patient, and the patient is not travelling to any of the three countries listed above, testing will be performed at CLS, see HIV Serology, CLS



Testing Location
Testing Frequency
Alternate Name(s) Human Immunodeficiency Virus Serology, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Serology
Reference Interval