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Bacterial Culture, aerobic culture only - Urine, Non-routine

Source Urine, Non-routine
Mnemonic M URINE
Specimen Requirements

Acceptable sources include:

  • suprapubic urine/bladder aspirates,
  • kidney,
  • nephrostomy,
  • ureter,
  • ureterosigmoidoscopy,
  • stent,
  • mitrofanoff irrigation fluid, or
  • other urine collected by sterile invasive procedure, and
  • prostatic** series specimens.

**Refer to Bacterial Culture, Prostatic Fluid.

These non-routine specimens should be submitted as whole urine in a dry sterile container.

Specimen Handling

Store specimen at room temperature.
DO NOT refrigerate

Specimen MUST be received in Microbiology at the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre (DSC) within 2 hours of receipt in the hospital laboratory or patient service centre.



Additional Information

Indicate Candida/Yeast on requisition if required.

Non-routine urine specimens received by DSC Microbiology in Urine Transport tubes are NOT preferred, but will be processed.

Turnaround time for negative culture: 1 day.

Testing Location DSC Microbiology
Testing Frequency Daily
Alternate Name(s)

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