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Bacterial Culture, aerobic culture only - Urine, Routine

Source Urine, Routine
Mnemonic M URINE
Specimen Requirements

For combined collection of urine testing for Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and bacterial culture, refer to patient instructions 
Urine Sample Collection Instructions for Chlamydia trachomatis/Neisseria gonorrhoeae/ Trichomonas vaginalis Testing and Midstream Urine (combined) MI6071

Acceptable routine urine sources include:

Information for Healthcare Providers and Laboratory Staff:
If ≥ 5 mL volume
collected, then immediately after collection transfer urine into a BD Vacutainer Urine C&S Transport Tube. Refer to physician/ health care provider guideline Urine Vacutainer Tube for Culture & Sensitivity  MI6009.

Use transfer device provided in kit.
DO NOT fill tubes by pouring urine, or injecting urine, into the tube.
The urine level  MUST be above the minimum fill line and no higher than 1 cm over the minimum fill line. The urine volume must be in this range for the results to be valid.

If < 5 mL volume collected, DO NOT transfer urine into a BD Vacutainer Urine C&S Transport Tube.
If culture plates available, plant immediately, 
If culture plates are not available, urine collected in a sterile container is refrigerated immediately after collection. Transfer U-Bag urine collections into a sterile container prior to refrigeration.

Other non-sterile collection containers are NOT acceptable.

Specimen Handling

Store the inoculated BD Vacutainer Urine C&S Transport Tube at room temperature until sent to CLS Microbiology. Urine transport tubes must arrive at CLS Microbiology within 48 hours of collection.

Inoculated culture plates should be stored at room temperature and submitted to CLS Microbiology ASAP.

Urine in sterile containers should be refrigerated immediately and submitted to CLS Microbiology ASAP: samples must be received within 24 hours of collection.

Additional Information

Clearly indicate the source of urine and collection method on requisition.

Refer to Fungal Culture, Urine for fungal requests. Specimens will be cultured as per routine protocol unless specific fungal request is indicated on the requisition

Turnaround time for negative result: 1 day.

Urine colony count results are expressed as colony forming units per litre (CFU/L).

Testing Location CLS Microbiology
Testing Frequency Daily
Alternate Name(s)

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