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Microfilaria - Blood, Tissue

Source Blood
Specimen Requirements

Test cannot be collected by Mobile Collection Service (MCS).

blood in 2 x 6 mL lavender top EDTA tubes or
tissue snips (consult Microbiologist on Call for specific tissue collection instructions)


Specimen Handling

The Ordering Physician MUST contact the Microbiologist on Call  at 403-770-3757 before sending the patient to the lab for specimen collection.

Time of collection for blood microfilaria is critical and is dependent on the pathogen.
Required times of collection (dependent on pathogen):
10:00-16:00 or 22:00-04:00. Consult with Microbiologist on Call to choose correct collection time.

CLS Microbiology MUST be notified of collection time and date.

Mix blood well. DO NOT centrifuge.
Transport all specimens for microfilaria STAT to CLS Microbiology.


Additional Information

The physician's phone number MUST appear on the requisition.
Patient history is required, including travel history:

  • where
  • when
  • how long

and presence of eosinophilia.

Additional blood parasites: refer to Babesia, MalariaLeishmania, and Trypanosomes.

Testing Location
Testing Frequency CLS Microbiology
Alternate Name(s) Elephantiasis, Filaria, Filariasis, Loaiasis, Mansonellosis, Onchocerciasis, Streptocerciasis
Reference Interval