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Trypanosoma Microscopy - Blood

Source Blood
Mnemonic M TRYPAN
Specimen Requirements

Test cannot be collected by Mobile Collection Service (MCS).

2 x 6 mL lavender top EDTA tube

Whole blood

Specimen Handling

The Microbiologist on Call MUST be contacted at 403-770-3757 by the physician before collection.
Time of collection is critical and is dependent on the blood parasite.

DO NOT open tube.
DO NOT centrifuge.
DO NOT make blood smears. Refer to note below.

NOTE: for specimens that may be delayed greater than 2 hours (i.e. sites outside of the Calgary Region),  a set of four (4) thick and six (6) thin smears should be made and submitted to the laboratory.

Transport STAT.

Specimen MUST be transported directly to the CLS DSC within 1 hour 40 minutes of collection and be received in Microbiology for processing within 2 hours of collection.
Make necessary courier/cab arrangements for transportation to meet this time expectation. Call the courier desk at 403-770-3311 for assistance and provide the time of specimen collection.


A completed Malaria History Form is required and should accompany the specimen.
Refer to CLS Form #MI6002: Malaria History Form.

NOTE: If the Malaria History Form is not immediately available, DO NOT delay delivery of the specimen while waiting for the form. Send specimen immediately, and fax or send the completed history form when it is available.


Additional Information Additional blood parasites: refer to Malaria, BabesiaLeishmania, and Microfilaria.

For Chagas Serology, or American Trypanosomiasis serology ordered, refer to Provincial Laboratory http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/lab/page3317.aspx  
Testing Location CLS Microbiology
Testing Frequency Daily
Alternate Name(s)
Reference Interval