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Microbiology Labeling

 Samples must be labelled with the following Sample Labelling Requirements:

Patient’s full name (first name and last name) AND one of the following  unique identifiers:

      •  ULI (Unique Lifetime Identifier)
      • Personal Health Number (PHN)
      • Personal Identification Number (e.g. Federal, Military, RCMP, Refuge, Immigration, Passport, etc.)
      • Facility Assigned Number (e.g. Hospital #,  Accession #)

When multiple samples are submitted to the laboratory at the same time for the same patient, include:

  • Exact site (source/type) of sample
  • Date and time of collection

Multiple specimens requiring individual diagnosis should be placed in separate containers and labelled as above.
Samples not labelled correctly and/or are not submitted with a completed requisition will not be tested.                      

 Also refer to: CLS Specimen Identification and Completing the Requisition.