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Cytopathology Specimen Rejection

Gynecological Pap specimens and requisitions with major discrepancies/deficiencies will be rejected. 

Major discrepancies/deficiencies include: 

  • Specimen container or slide is unlabeled
  • Patient's first or last name is missing, incomplete or significantly misspelled on the specimen container/slide or requisition
  • Patient's first or last name is completely different between specimen container/slide and requisition
  • Unique identifier is missing, incomplete or incorrect on the specimen container/slide or requisition
  • Unique identifier is completely different between specimen container/slide and requisition
  • Specimen container/slide and requisition has patient demographics belonging to a child or a male
  • Specimen container leaked in transit resulting in an illegible label or insufficient sample
  • Glass slide is received broken
  • Specimen container/slide is received without a corresponding requisition
  • Requisition is received without a corresponding specimen container/slide
  • Specimen is contaminated with foreign material (e.g. lubricant)

Non-gynecological and Colposcopy specimens and requisitions with major or minor discrepancies/deficiencies will not be rejected.
Reasonable effort will be taken to resolve any discrepancies/deficiencies using the CLS Deficiency Resolution Form.

See Acceptance Criteria for Specimens/Test Requests for more information.