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Autologous Transfusion Services

Eligible patients undergoing elective surgical procedures may be eligible to pre-deposit autologous blood.

Preoperative Autologous (Blood) Donation (PAD) is not available for routine blood conservation. PAD is limited to certain patient populations (i.e.: patients with rare blood antibodies) for whom crossmatch with donor blood may be very difficult or impossible.

PAD referrals are assessed on a case by case basis to determine the safest and most effective methods are used to reduce incidence of blood transfusion for the patient. Many eligibility criteria apply; PAD requests must be made several weeks prior to the scheduled surgery date.

PAD is associated with:

  • Lowered risk of viral transmission (already extremely low risk)
  • Increased risk any transfusion (autologous or donor) due to iatrogenic anemia caused by donation
  • Same risk of medical error as donor blood (e.g.: wrong unit, wrong blood)
  • Same risk of bacterial contamination as donor blood
  • High rates of blood wastage (same transfusion criteria apply as for donor blood; most pre-donated blood is not needed and cannot be used for other patients, thus it is discarded)

Physicians may call the Patient Blood Management Program Coordinator at 403-944-4710 for information regarding eligibility and referral procedures for PAD.