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Ordering Blood Components and Products

A physician’s order is required for blood components and products. To initiate the process, appropriate hospital personnel or mobile collection staff must place the order in the Hospital Information System. Alternately, for patient care units without access to the Hospital Information System, selected blood components and products may be requested by completing  the Blood Component/Product Requisition-Adult (REQ9006TM) or at rural sites, a Blood Component and Product Requisition - Rural (REQ9010TM). For patient care units at ACH, the Blood Component/Product Requisition-Neonatal/Pediatric (REQ9002TM).See Blood Component and Product List for pretransfusion testing requirements for specific products.

See Ordering Pretransfusion Testing for component requests that require pretransfusion testing.

Two blood types must be on file for ANY component to be issued. Transfusion Medicine may request an additional sample be collected prior to issuing components.

The priority of the request must be indicated:

  • STAT – product for transfusion required or potentially required in approximately 1 hour
  • ASAP – product for transfusion required within 4 hours
  • Routine – product required for transfusion in more than 4 hours