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Ordering Pretransfusion Testing

Pretransfusion testing may be requested in the following ways:

Specimen Outdate

Specimens for pretransfusion testing must be collected within 96 hours (4 days) of the intended transfusion with the following exceptions:

  • For neonates (infants less than 4 months old) pretransfusion testing need only be performed once during the neonatal period. Specimen outdate will be on the date the patient is four months old.
  • PAC (Pre-Op Assessment) patients may have up to a 31 day (one month) outdate. If the patient is transfused within the 31 days, the specimen out-date changes to 96 hours from the time of transfusion. The 31 day outdate for PAC specimens can be applied if all of the following conditions are met:
    • The patient has not been transfused within the previous three months.
    • The patient is not and has not been pregnant within the previous three months.
    • The patient is willing to wear the transfusion band from the time of collection until transfusion.

Specimen outdate is reassigned to 3 days post surgery once the patient's surgery occurs.

For Preoperative Assessment Clinic patients, the patient information sheet Identification Band for Pretransfusion Blood Testing will be given to the patient prior to the collection of the pretransfusion testing specimen.