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Transfusion Safety Office

The Transfusion Safety Office (TSO) was created in 2007 as a joint initiative between Calgary Laboratory Services and the former Calgary Health Region, in accordance with recommendations generated by the Krever inquiry into the safety of the Canadian blood supply.

The TSO includes the Transfusion Safety Leaders (TSL) as well as the Patient Blood Management Program Coordinator. Transfusion Safety Leaders help improve the quality and safety of transfusions within the acute care sites of the Calgary Zone.

Currently the office is staffed by two TSL, one with a laboratory background and the other with a nursing background. Together they coordinate efforts to increase compliance with standards and transfusion safety by acting as a resource for:
  • Specimen collection of pretransfusion tests by clinical staff
  • Patient notification process
  • Administration of blood products, including the proper use of filters, warmers, and infusion devices
  • Nursing education on blood products/components
  • Massive Transfusion Protocols
  • Evaluation of advers events, close calls, and near misses
  • New products/procedures, as needed

Patient Blood Management Program

The aim of the Patient Blood Management Program (PBMP) is to improve outcomes in patients by supporting efforts to reduce allogeneic (donor) blood transfusion in elective surgery. Treatment may include:

  • Anemia assessment and correction 
  • Hemoglobin optimization
  • Autologous blood donation (not available for routine use. See Autologous Transfusion Services)

The PBMP provides patients and healthcare staff with information about the benefits/risks of transfusion and transfusion alternatives. The PBMP also participates in research related to transfusion/blood conservation and works to raise awareness about the importance of patient-centered, evidence-based transfusion decisions.

How can we help you?

Healthcare Personnel:
The TSO can answer your questions about transfusion safety and blood conservation. We can provide educational opportunities for you and your healthcare team (i.e. staff inservices). If you have a patient who would like more information about blood transfusion or conservation, we can be of assistance.

If you are having surgery, the PMCP can provide you with information about blood transfusion (current benefits/risks) and can help you explore alternatives that might help decrease your risk of transfusion. Talk to your surgeon to find out if refferal to the program is right for you.

Contact us:

TSO Transfusion Safety Leader (MLT)  403-944-5831
TSO Transfusion Safety Leader (RN)  403-944-1900
PBMP Office  403-944-4710
TSO/PBMP fax  403-944-4571

Foothills Medical Centre
7th Floor McCaig Tower
3134 Hospital Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4Z6

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