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Ordering Laboratory Supplies

Medical Professionals' Orders of Forms and Supplies

City of Calgary and Immediate Surrounding Area Locations

For most APL forms and supplies, see Cardinal Health Supply Order Information page.

      Forms Available for Printing - PUR7503

Ordering Schedule

Your current order submission day will not change, please continue to submit your order on your established day.  Generally, order days are based on quadrant or urban Calgary locations.

      South East Calgary:  1st Tuesday of every month

      South West Calgary:  2nd Tuesday of every month

      North East Calgary:  3rd Tuesday of every month

      North West Calgary:  4th Tuesday of every month

      Rural:  As per your established order day.  Please contact if you are unsure of what day this is.

Specialty Forms for Approved Locations

      Preoperative Pretransfusion Testing TM Supplies Request - TM1723

      Corneal Scraping Bedside Media Kits - MI6133

      Special Collection Tubes Required for Certain Tests - OS7775