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Laboratory Result Reports

Laboratory Report Form Information

Where applicable, report forms give the following information:
  • Patient identification, name and PHN
  • Patient telephone number
  • Patient gender and date of birth
  • Hospital or clinic chart ID number
  • Name and address of referring physician
  • Name of physician(s) or facility requested to receive copies
  • Test name
  • Test result
  • Reference range
  • Test units
  • Indication of abnormal result
  • Date and time of specimen collection
  • Collection site
  • Hours p.c.
  • Date and time reported
  • Indication of interim or permanent report

Test results printed on Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) Report Forms are for tests performed at APL.  Any tests Referred-Out will be forwarded on the report form from the Referral Testing site.

Repeat Determinations

Should you question the validity of any test performed at this laboratory, it will be investigated and the analysis repeated. By contacting LIC at 403-770-3600, repeats can be conducted on the existing specimen. If the stability of the specific component is questionable, a repeat patient collection may be required. In this case, please indicate "repeat determination" on the laboratory requisition.