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Test Request Forms / Requisitions

General Laboratory

Community Requisition (REQ9012PSC) *Δ 

Electrocardiogram Requisition (REQ9015ECG) *Δ 

Acute Care Requisition (REQ9011RRL) Δ 

Calgary Rural Laboratory Requisition (REQ9014RURAL) Δ

Mobile Services Collection Requisition (REQ9013MOB)


Microbiology Requisition (REQ9021MI) *Δ 

Microbiology Infection Surveillance Requisition (7828M) Δ 

Malaria History Form (MI6002) *

Stool Ova & Parasite History Form  (MI6011)

Microbiology Specimen Referral Requisition  (MI6089)

Anatomic Pathology

Anatomic Pathology Community Requisition (REQ9031AP) *Δ  Sample

Anatomic Pathology Acute Care Requisition (REQ9032AP) *Δ  Sample

Ophthalmic Pathology Consultation Requisition (REQ9033AP) Sample - For use by Ophthalmic Surgical Clinic only

Intra-Operative Neuropathology Consultation Requisition (REQ9034AP) Δ Sample - For use by OR staff only

Dermatopathology Consult Test Request Forn (REQ9035AP) *

Request for Placenta Histopathology (REQ9036AP) †Δ Sample  

Molecular Pathology Requisition (REQ9038AP)

Request for Intra-Operative Pathology Consultation (REQ9039AP) Sample - For use by OR staff only. 

Oncology Consult / Test Request (AP1006C)


Gynecological Cytopathology Requisition (REQ9043CY-GYN) *Δ 

Non-Gynecological Cytopathology Requisition (REQ9041CY-NON) *Δ 

Colposcopy Pathology Requisition/Worksheet (REQ9042COL) *†Δ 

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Clinic Patient Referral Form (REQ9044FNA)

Transfusion Medicine

Adverse Reactions to Blood Products Notification (TM2034)

AHS Hemophilia Factor Concentrates Order Form (101120)

Blood Component/Product Requisition - Adult (REQ9006TM)

Blood Component/Product Requisition - Neonatal/Pediatric (REQ9002TM)

Dispense of Blood Components/Products  (TM1763)

Genotyping for Red Cell Antigens Requisition (REQ9007TM)

IVIG History Form  (TM2038)

Notification to Transfusion Medicine of ABO Incompatible Transplant (TM1892)

Preliminary Laboratory Testing for Directed Blood Donation - Intended Donor (REQ9005TM)

Preliminary Laboratory Testing for Directed Blood Donation - Intended Recipient (REQ9003TM) 

Pretransfusion Testing Requisition (REQ9004TM) Δ 

Subcutaneous Immune Globulin Product Order and Home use Dispense Requisition (REQ9008TM)

Specialty Requisitions

Adrenal Venous Sampling Requisition (REQ9067AVS) For use by Diagnostic Imaging only

Bone Marrow Pathology Requisition (REQ9061BM) Sample - Contact FMC Special Hematology at 403-944-8070 for requisitions

Chromosome & FISH Studies - Cancer Cytogenetics (REQ9037AP) Sample - Contact Laboratory at 403-770-3690 for requisitions

Flow Cytometry Requisition (FC3200) Δ

Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (HIL)/Tissue Typing Requisition (REQ9054TT) Δ 

Molecular Hematology Laboratory Requisition (REQ9053MH) Sample - Contact Laboratory at 403-770-3699 for requisitions

PADIS Medical Toxicology Clinic Requisition (REQ9016PADIS) For use at the PADIS Clinic only

HIV Serology by Rapid Assay (REQ9016HIV) Δ  Clinical restrictions apply

Urine Chain of Custody Requisition (DS3605) Sample - Internal use only

Vitamin D (25-Hydroxy) Requisition (19500) * Δ

Limited Services Requisition (REQ9051LTD) Only for use during a pandemic/disaster. CLS will communicate when this requisition should be used when approved by CLS Executive.

How to Order Requisitions

* Acute Care and Community Physicians (within Calgary): Available for order using CLS form #PUR7507 or #PUR7503

† Extra Regional Physicians (outside of Calgary): Available for order using CLS form #PUR7508 http://www.calgarylabservices.com/files/CLSForms/PUR7508.pdf

Δ AHS staff only: Available for order online from Data Printing Services: https://secure7.datagroup.ca.