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Acceptance Criteria for Specimens and Test Requests

Major and Minor Deficiency Definitions

NOTE: Discrepancies/deficiencies of any type will not be accepted when testing is for the purpose of transfusing a patient.

 MAJOR - Identifier missing (unlabelled)

- Incomplete name, e.g. first or last name missing, initials only

- First or last name completely different between sample and test request

- Significant misspelling where more than 2 letters are transposed; or missing or added letters that change the interpretation of the name, e.g. Olliver vs Over
- Identifier missing

- Identifier on test request and sample do not match

- Numbers incorrect or missing from identifier
- "Standard Requirements" defined for requisition and sample labelling and/or acceptance criteria not met

Test request received without a corresponding sample or sample received and no test request is available
MINOR - Use of nicknames, abbreviations, derivative names, middle name

- Insignificant spelling discrepancy where there is a simple transposition of letters, one letter added or missing that does not change the interpretation of the name, e.g. Michael vs. Micheal.

Spelling is correct, but order of names is inconsistent

- Apostrophe or space discrepancy, e.g. Obrien vs. O'Brien or Saddleback vs. Saddle Back

- Maiden name vs. married last name as long as names can be reconciled

- Temporary baby name changed to permanent name

- "Other Requested Information" defined for requisition not met (e.g. requestor location not provided, gender incorrect, etc.) or discrepancy between the requisition and sample of between the test request and sample or between the test request and Lab Information System

- Time of collection missing on sample and deemed necessary for accurate test reporting