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Acceptance Criteria for Specimens and Test Requests


Access Number The unique identifier assigned by the Environmental Laboratory linked to a particular sampling location or supply (water or ice) or a sterilizing device
Clinical sample A sample derived from the human body (ISO 15189)
DOB Date of birth
Environmental sample Water, ice, or biological indicator
Exposure Investigation (EI) Number A number assigned by the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health for the purpose of tracking laboratory specimens associated to a specific event (e.g. potential outbreak) at a specific location and time
Hazardous sample A sample that poses a safety risk to laboratory personnel such as:
  • broken or leaking containers or contaminated by breakage or leakage of other samples
  • samples received in inappropriate containers (e.g. fluid in bags)
  • samples in syringes with needle attached
Non-clinical sample A sample derived from sources other than human beings such as animal or pharmaceutical, exclusive of environmental samples
Preferred information Information that is beneficial but is not required for sample/test request acceptance
Primary collection container The body of the innermost container received by the laboratory that actually holds the sample
Recipient The physician/healthcare provider and/or program or individual authorized to receive results
Requestor For clinical and non-clinical samples means the individual authorized by CPSA to request laboratory testing; for environmental samples means the authorized submitting individual or agency utilizing environmental laboratory services
Requirement Information that must be provided and criteria that must be met before the laboratory will accept, collect, or test a sample
Test Request (requisition) A request for testing of a laboratory sample made in either electronic (e.g. order/entry) or paper format (e.g. laboratory requisition, physician office requisition) that is legible with clear orders (no undefined mnemonics or phone orders)