Laboratory Services Career Opportunities

The workforce of Calgary Laboratory Services consists of a large component of technical, medical and support staff. 40% of the workforce are Medical Laboratory Technologists, 40% are Medical Laboratory Assistants, 4% are physicians and the remainder are support and management staff.

Application Information

Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS) recruitment process requires all external applicants seeking employment within the organization to forward a cover letter, resume and related documents to Human Resources for evaluation.

Further information on how to apply:

Candidates internal to the organization

Employment opportunities are posted within the organization every Thursday. See below for current opportunities and on-line postings. 

Click here for Internationally Trained Candidates

On-Line Postings

Pathologists/Medical Scientific Staff
15-EXT-002 Medical Microbiologist
15-EXT-004 Academic Dermatopathologist
University of Calgary Academic Dermatopathologist
2016 Histocompatibility Clinical Fellowship Position
2016 Clinical Fellowship Positions
15-EXT-009 Anatomic Pathologist

Medical Laboratory Assistants I & II 
15-136 MLA I 0.7 FTE Temp. Beddington PSC
15-137 MLA I 0.7 FTE Temp. Glenbrook PSC
15-138 MLA I 0.7 FTE Temp. Market Mall PSC
15-139 MLA I 0.7 FTE Perm. Sheldon Chumir PSC
15-140 MLA I 0.5 FTE Temp. Sloane Square PSC
15-141 MLA I 1.0 FTE Temp. Anatomic Pathology DSC
15-142 MLA I 0.4 FTE Perm. Accession PLC
15-143 MLA I 0.7 FTE Temp. Accession SHC
15-144 MLA II 1.0 FTE Temp. Accession PLC
15-145 MLA II 1.0 FTE Temp. Accession SHC

Technologists I & II & III  
15-146 MLT I 0.6 FTE Perm. Analytical Toxicology DSC
15-147 MLT I 0.8 FTE Temp. Hematology FMC
15-148 MLT I 0.7 FTE Perm. Hematology FMC
15-149 MLT I 1.0 FTE Perm. Hematology FMC
15-150 MLT I 0.7 FTE Perm. RRL SHC

Office and  Clerical

15-135 Executive Assistant 1.0 FTE Perm. Executive DSC AMENDED
15-128 Cinical Administrative Assistant II 1.0 FTE Temp. Anatomic Pathology DSC
15-119 Information Access & Privacy Advisor 0.5 FTE Perm. Quality DSC
15-EXT-012 Pathology Scientist All Sites
15-111 Process Excellence Specialist 1.0 FTE Perm. PE DSC
13-Ext-009 Pathology Scientist ACH /PLC