Laboratory Services Career Opportunities

The workforce of Calgary Laboratory Services consists of a large component of technical, medical and support staff. 40% of the workforce are Medical Laboratory Technologists, 40% are Medical Laboratory Assistants, 4% are physicians and the remainder are support and management staff.

The majority of the candidates interested in seeking employment with Calgary Laboratory Services would fall in one of the two technical classifications. The requirements and summary of the positions are:

Application Information

Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS) recruitment process requires all external applicants seeking employment within the organization to forward a cover letter, resume and related documents to Human Resources for evaluation.

Please click here for further information on how to apply:

Candidates internal to the organization

Employment opportunities are posted within the organization every Thursday. See below for current opportunities and on-line postings.  

On-Line Postings

Pathologists/Medical Scientific Staff
14-EXT-032 Hematopathologist
14-EXT-015 Academic Neuropathologist
University of Calgary Academic Neuropathologist
14-EXT-021 Anatomic Pathologist

Medical Laboratory Assistants I & II 
14-496 MLA I 0.7 FTE Temp. PSC Market Mall AMENDED
14-511 MLA I 0.7 FTE Temp. PSC Marlborough
14-512 MLA I 0.7 FTE X 2 Temp. Micro SHC
14-513 MLA I 0.4 FTE Temp. Accession DSC
14-514 MLA I 1.0 FTE Perm. Accession FMC
14-515 MLA I 0.5 FTE Temp. Accession RGH
14-516 MLA I 0.6 FTE Temp. Accession RGH

Technologists I & II & III   
14-517 MLT I 0.5 FTE Temp. Immunopathology DSC

Office and  Clerical

14-519 Quality Coordinator 1.0 FTE Perm. Quality DSC
14-520 Quality Coordinator 1.0 FTE Perm. Quality DSC
14-518 Human Resources Assistant - Pay and Benefits 1.0 FTE Temp. Payroll DSC
14-418 Process Excellence Specialist 1.0 FTE Perm. Process Excellence DSC AMENDED
13-Ext-009 Pathology Scientist