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PSC Construction Closure Schedule

Beginning in January 2018 and continuing until completed, the PSCs will be undergoing construction which will mean rotating closures.  The upcoming changes will give CLS the opportunity to further enhance our ability to provide diagnostic services and continue to pursue innovative ways to strengthen the delivery of quality health care in the Calgary region.

The schedule of site closures and re-open dates are as follows: 

McKnight PSC  Friday. January 5 - Wednesday January 10  Thursday January 11
Market Mall PSC  Friday, January 19 - Wednesday, January 24  Thursday, January 25
Glenmore Landing PSC  Friday, January 26 - Wednesday, January 31  Thursday, February 1.
Beddington PSC  Friday, February 2 - Wednesday, February 7  Thursday, February 8
Riverbend PSC  Friday, February 9 - Wednesday, February 14  Thursday, February 15
Airdrie PSC  Friday, February 22 - Wednesday, February 28  Thursday, March 1
Glenbrook PSC  Friday, March 2 - Sunday, March 11  Monday, March 12
Ranchlands PSC  March 2018 - exact dates to be determined
South Calgary Health Centre PSC (SCHC)  March 2018 - exact dates to be determined