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Molecular Diagnostics - Molecular Pathology Laboratory

The CLS Molecular Pathology Laboratory (MPL), established in 1985, is located in the Heritage Medical Research Building of the University of Calgary Foothills Medical complex.  The laboratory performs molecular testing of DNA and RNA specimens to provide diagnostic, prognostic and predictive information to laboratory physicians and clinicians, in order to help guide optimal care for patients with cancer or other diseases.

The MPL performs complex testing of cancer genes, genomic alterations and pathogens from tissue, blood or fluid specimens primarily using the Agena MassArray (TM) platform.

The test requisition is REQ9038AP Molecular Pathology Requisition.
   - Refer to Molecular Pathology Specimen Collection

The current cancer genomic testing panels are:
   - Agena Colon Panel Version 1.0
   - Agena Lung Panel Version 1.0
   - Agena Lung Panel Version 1.1
   - Agena UltraSEEK Lung Panel Version 1.0
   - Agena Melanoma Panel Version 1.0
   - MPL Custom Neuro Panel Version 1.1
   - MPL Custom Sarcoma Panel Version 1.0

Lung Cancer Biomarker Testing - see Immunochemistry GTS page

Biomarker (BRAF) Testing on High-Risk Melanoma Patients - for Oncologists

The MPL not only provides these services to the Calgary area, but also to areas in Southern and Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. 

Aside from performing complex molecular diagnostic testing, the MPL develops new tests, provides contract molecular diagnostic testing to researchers, provides consultative services to other diagnostic and research laboratories, and participates in the education of undergraduate science and medical students, graduate students and postgraduate medical residents and fellows.  Members of the MPL provide continuing medical education on topics in the areas of molecular biology and molecular diagnostics to technologists, graduate and post-graduate science and medical students, and medical staff and Faculty.


The Laboratory Director is Dr. Douglas Demetrick PhD MD FRCPC FCAP, a Canadian and US-certified Anatomical Pathologist who obtained his doctorate in Immunohistochemistry from the University of British Columbia, completed his medical training, internship and Anatomic Pathology residency at the University of Calgary and was a CIHR Clinician-Scientist in Molecular Biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York.

The Laboratory Scientist is Bob Winkfein MSc, who built upon his graduate degree in Molecular Biology by serving as a Laboratory Scientist to other Molecular Diagnostic laboratories, as a Research Scientist in both the University and the Biotechnology Industry, and as a Molecular Biology Core Laboratory Manager at the University of Calgary.


Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 08:15 - 16:30
Tel: 403-220-4240

Laboratory Director:
Doug Demetrick PhD MD FRCPC FCAP
Tel:  403-220-2890

Laboratory Scientist:
Bob Winkfein MSc
Tel:  403-220-8667

Mailing Address:

CLS-Molecular Pathology
1403 29 St. NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 2T9