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Molecular Diagnostics - Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (HIL)/Tissue Typing

The Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory (HIL)/Tissue Typing Laboratory of CLS is a state of the art laboratory that provides advanced molecular and cellular testing for assessing donor-recipient compatibility for solid organ and bone marrow transplant programs; HLA disease association; and HLA-related pharmacogenetic testing. HIL is located at CLS’ Diagnostic and Scientific Centre in the University Research Park. The Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory is accredited by the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI). HIL is a 24X7 STAT laboratory that provides services for the deceased donor solid organ transplant program.

The laboratory participates in the National Kidney Paired Donor (KPD) and Highly Sensitized Patient (HSP) registries.

The battery of molecular tests offered by HIL includes medium and high resolution molecular typing for HLA - class I and II genes for solid organ (kidney, pancreas) and bone marrow transplant patients and donors;  HLA typing for aid in diagnosis of certain diseases, such as Celiac disease and Narcolepsy; and HLA B*15:02, HLA B*57:01, HLA B*58:01, and HLA A*31:01 screening for drug hypersensitivity.  In addition to these molecular tests, HIL also provides clinical services for HLA antibody screening and identification and T and B cell crossmatching for deceased and living related donor solid organ transplantation and HLA antibody investigations for refractory patients and Bone Marrow Recipients receiving platelet transfusions.

The clinical tests provided by HIL are based on advanced molecular and cellular technologies including Sequence specific oligonucleotide probe (SSOP), Sequence specific primer (SSP), and automated DNA sequencing based molecular typing for HLA class I and II genes, Luminex based screening and identification of HLA antibodies, and Flow-cytometry based T and B cells crossmatching.

Our Clients include: Solid Organ Transplantation program of Southern Alberta, Bone Marrow Transplantation program of the entire province of Alberta, HIV clinic of Southern Alberta, Transfusion Medicine, and various clinics in the Calgary region for the HLA disease association based diagnosis.

In addition to the clinical services, HIL is involved in strong research program that aims to identify molecular and functional immunogenetic biomarkers for the prediction of outcome and graft survival of solid organ and bone marrow transplantations. HIL is actively involved in development of new methods and tests and medical education through accredited and advanced residency training programs (Pathology, Nephrology, Hematopathology, and Clinical Hematology).

HIL policies, functioning, and procedures strictly follows the best international standards dictated by major accreditation agencies like the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) and certification boards like the American Board of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ABHI).


The Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory is composed of a professional and expert team of scientists and technologists who work in tandem to make sure quality HIL services leading to the best possible outcome and superior quality of life for our patients.  HIL is directed by Dr. Noureddine Berka, a PhD in Human Genetics from Howard University in Washington DC and fellow of ABHI.  Other members of the HIL team include Dr. Faisal Khan, Associate Director, a histocompatibliity fellow, a Clinical Scientist, a Medical Technologist III, a QA/QC officer, and technical staff.  Seven members of the HIL technical staff are certified by ABHI as a histocompatibility technologist or specialist.


Laboratory Leader:

Dr. Noureddine Berka, PhD, D (ABHI)
Tel:  403-770-3655
Fax:  403-770-3738


Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory Scientist
Tel:  403-770-3593

Postal Address:

Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory
Calgary Laboratory Services
9, 3535 Research Road NW
Calgary, AB  T2L 2K8