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Flow Cytometry

The Calgary Laboratory Services Flow Cytometry laboratory has been providing exceptional testing to pathologists and clinicians since 1988. As an accredited regional and referral facility, this lab is unique in the wide variety of assays it has developed since its inception under the guidance of 14 dedicated medical, scientific and technical personnel. With a focus on primary immunodeficiency and hematopoietic neoplasm investigations, our research activities and commitment to continuous improvement ensure we are able to deliver clinically relevant and accurate testing in a cost effective and timely manner.

Use a current Flow Cytometry Requisition to ensure the correct test is ordered, the correct sample is collected, and to avoid delays in transport and processing the samples. When in doubt, please call the laboratory at 403-944-4771 for assistance.

Flow Cytometry Requisitions

Flow Cytometry Requisition FC3200
Flow Cytometry Outside of Province Requisition FC3200EP

See Completing the Requisition for instructions for requisition completion.

Specimen Labelling Criteria

See Specimen Identification (Labelling).


Calgary Laboratory Services
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Service Hours

Regular hours of operation (exclusive of statutory holidays):

  • Monday to Friday: 07:00 - 20:15
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Long Weekend Hours of Operation:
If the Monday is designated as the stat holiday, the regular hours of operation on the Saturday will be switched to the Sunday.