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Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) Test Directory

Anatomic Pathology / Cytopathology

The Division of Anatomic Pathology and Cytopathology provides Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, Autopsy Pathology, Cytogenetics, and Molecular Pathology service and consultation. The Division is committed to the timely delivery of accurate, complete pathology reports and consultative opinions, and to the teaching and research mission of Calgary Laboratory Services and the University of Calgary.

Hours of Operation 

Sub-specialty sections within Anatomic Pathology include:

Surgical Pathology (Histopathology)

Surgical Pathology is a cornerstone of medical management, providing the pathologic interpretation of tissue specimens removed at surgery or by biopsy. Histopathology laboratories are located at all hospital sites and at the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre.


Cytopathology involves the interpretation of cells that spontaneously exfoliate or are removed from tissues by abrasion or fine needle aspiration, such as specimens from the cervix (Pap tests), breast, thyroid, lymph node, liver, etc.  The Cytopathology services are centralized at the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre.

Autopsy Pathology

Autopsy Pathology, the pathology of post-mortem organs and tissues, is essential for quality management in medical care, documentation of novel medical conditions, and in education and teaching. Adult autopsies are performed at Foothills Medical Centre.  Pediatric Autopsies are performed at the Alberta Children's Hospital.


Neuropathology is the study of disease in brain, nerve and muscle. The Neuropathology service is located at Foothills Medical Centre.


All skin biopsies from dermatologists in the region are examined within the Section of Dermatopathology, located at the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre.

Molecular Pathology

Molecular diagnostics is now an important part of patient diagnosis and medical management. The Molecular Pathology Laboratory is located in the Heritage Research Building at the University of Calgary Medical School.

Cancer Cytogenetics

Cytogenetics is the examination of a cell’s chromosomes for genetic abnormalities. This is an important component of diagnosis in many malignancies, especially those arising from the hematopoietic system. CLS Cancer Cytogenetics is located at the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre.