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Laboratory Services Information for Medical Professionals

Welcome to a new, integrated public laboratory model in Alberta.  Learn more here.

This section provides physicians and healthcare professionals with detailed clinical information on the services and research provided by Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS).

For a description of CLS laboratories and tests, and for form and test request information, refer to CLS Guide to Services.

CSL is a multi-disciplinary medical diagnostic laboratory. We provide community and hospital diagnostic services to physicians and patients in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Our mandate is to provide high quality, cost-effective laboratory services through a consolidated service delivery model consisting of: 1 centralized laboratory, specialty testing laboratories, 5 rapid response laboratories, 19 strategically located community collection sites, a mobile collections service, one centralized transportation system, and 1 region-wide information system.

This section has been prepared to assist those who use laboratory services in the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Foothills Medical Center, Peter Lougheed Center, Rockyview General Hospital, South Health Campus, and the Community Sector within the Calgary area. It also contains information relevant for the referral of specimens to CLS from outside Calgary.

CLS is responsible for the majority of laboratory tests performed in hospital facilities in Calgary. This includes the quality control of satellite testing by non-laboratory personnel, i.e. blood glucose strips, urine strips, occult blood, etc. separate from CLS. The Provincial Laboratory and other specialized laboratories provide some selected services to the Calgary Health Region and surrounding communities.

Rapid Response Laboratories (RRLs) are the access points for laboratory services within the hospital sector, regardless of the site where testing is performed.

Patient Service Centers (PSCs) are the patient access points for laboratory services within the community.

This section reflects, as accurately as possible, the current services available.