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Client Services Information

1. Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS) Contact Information

2.  New client setup, additional location setup or move to a new location

3.  Ordering Laboratory Supplies

4.  Completing laboratory requisitions, specimen labeling and packaging

5.  Electronic Report Delivery

6.  Delivery of reports during a Health Care Provider absence

7.  Health Care Provider Practice or Location Closure 

8.  Request a copy to additional health care providers or clinics

  • Include first name, last name, health care provider number and location/office address for report delivery.
  • CLS will provide Naturopathic Doctors (ND/NMD) with copies of laboratory reports when they are requested as a copy to health care provider on the requisition AND if the Naturopathic Doctor has also contacted the Laboratory Information Centre (phone 403-770-3600) for a copy of the report.