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Laboratory Locations


Calgary Lab Services Locations

For Calgary Laboratory Services inquiries, contact the Calgary Laboratory Services Information Centre at 403-770-3600

CLS testing locations
are indicated by the following codes:

Diagnostic and Scientific Centre 

 DSC  Diagnostic and Scientific Centre

Acute Care Hospitals 
Rapid Response Laboratories (RRL) are located at acute care hospitals.
 ACH  Alberta Children's Hospital
 FMC  Foothills Medical Centre
 PLC   Peter Lougheed Centre
 RGH  Rockyview General Hospital 
 SHC  South Health Campus

Urgent Care Centres 
Health Centre Testing Labs (HCTL) are located at Urgent Care Centres.
 ACHC  Airdrie Community Health Centre
 CCHC  Cochrane Community Health Centre
 SCHC  South Calgary Health Centre
 SMCHC  Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre

Community Collection Sites
Click here for PSC locations and hours.
 PSC  Patient Service Centre

Calgary Rural Laboratory Locations

Calgary Rural laboratory locations are indicated by the following codes. For testing inquiries, contact the appropriate phone number. For collection site locations and hours, click here.

 CRHL  Calgary Rural Hospital Labs  Rural hospital sites  See contact information for
 individual sites below:
 CRL  Calgary Rural Labs  Rural hospital sites and
 Okotoks Urgent Care
 BMSH  Banff Mineral Springs Hospital  Banff  403-760-7213, fax 403-760-7226
 CLH  Claresholm General Hospital  Claresholm  403-682-3720, fax 403-682-3796
 CMGH  Canmore General Hospital  Canmore  403-678-7217, fax 403-678-4166
 DDHS  Didsbury District Health Services  Didsbury  403-335-2503, fax 403-335-7225
 HRH  High River General Hospital  High River  403-652-0136, fax 403-652-0135
 NANT  Nanton Community Health Centre Rural
 Collection Site
 Nanton  403-646-3408, fax 403-646-3046
 OGH  Oilfields General Hospital  Black Diamond  403-933-6502, fax 403-933-2103
 OHWC   Okotoks Health & Wellness
 Urgent Care Centre
 Okotoks  403-995-2669 fax 403-995-2692
 SDHS  Strathmore District Health Services  Strathmore  403-361-7123,
 fax 403-361-7073 or 403-361-7017
 VCH  Vulcan Health Centre  Vulcan  403-485-3312, fax 403-485-3350

Referral Laboratory Locations

Referrals may be sent to these testing locations external to CLS:

 ACH Biochemical Genetics Lab  Calgary    403-955-7380
 ACH Cytogenetics Lab  Calgary  403-955-7375
 ACH Molecular Diagnostic Lab  Calgary  403-955-7026
 ARUP Laboratories  Salt Lake City,
 Canadian Blood Services  Calgary  866-258-8889
 Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario                  Ottawa, ON  613-737-2525
 Diagnostic Semen Lab  Calgary  403-284-9410
 Dynacare  Brampton, ON  800-565-5721
 DynaLife  Edmonton, AB  800-661-9876
 Hamilton Reference Lab  Hamilton, ON

 905-577-1477 or fax 905-528-1464

 Health Canada (Prion Diseases Program)  Winnipeg, MN   204-789-6078 or fax 204-789-5009 
 Health Science Centre  Winnipeg, MN  204-787-2841
 In-Common Laboratories  North York,
 London Health Science Centre  London, ON  519-685-8500
 Louis C. Herring & Company  Orlando, FL  407-841-6770
 Mayo Clinic  Rochester, MN  800-533-1710 or fax 507-284-1759
 MedTox Scientific  St. Paul, MN  800-832-3244
 Mitogen Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory
 (Dr. Fritzler)
 Calgary, AB  403-220-2249
 Montreal Children's Hospital  Montreal, PQ  514-412-4400 ext. 23195
 National Medical Services  Willow Grove, 
 800-522-6671 or fax 215-657-2972
 National Reference Centre for Parasitology  Montreal, PQ  514-934-8347
 Prometheus Laboratories Inc.  San Diego, CA  888-423-5227 option 3 or fax 877-816-4019
 Provincial Lab  Calgary  403-944-1200
 Quest Diagnostics  Westhills, CA  818-737-6000 or fax 818-737-6686
 Specialty Labs  Valencia, CA  800-421-4449
 St. Paul's Hospital  Vancouver, BC  604-682-2344 ext. 62752
 University of Alberta     Edmonton, AB  780-407-7484 or fax 780-407-6267
 University of British Columbia  Vancouver, BC  604-822-7175
 University of British Columbia
 Neuro-Immunology Lab
 Vancouver, BC   604-822-7696