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Mobile Collection Service Information for Physicians

Mobile Collection Service (MCS) is a non-emergent care service that is available to support needs of medically home bound patients who are unable to leave their homes or attend appointments. This is often a temporary solution and the service will be discontinued once the patient's mobility has improved such that he or she is able to travel to a collection site.

Home collections may be requested only by an attending physician and the patient must meet a defined set of criteria to be eligible for the service. Reassessment of eligibility may be initiated by Mobile Collection Office when an improvement in patient's condition is observed.

Originating order requires a REQ9013MOB Mobile Collection Service Requisition to be completed and faxed to the Mobile Collection Service Office. Once a mobile patient file is established, any changes to the original order must be made by faxing the Mobile Collection Service Office.

Mobile Collection Service Office

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
Phone: 403-770-3351
Fax: 403-777-5222

Ordering Guidelines

  • Priority collections must be ordered by a physician and only be requested when it immediately affects patient care.    
    Monday to Friday (M-F)
    To be eligible for a priority same-day collection M-F, stat requests must be called and faxed into the Mobile office between 07:00-13:30.
    Mobile Office: phone 403-770-3351) 07:00-13:30
    Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
    LIC: phone 403-770-3600) 07:00-13:30       
  • Orders for future recurring collections will NOT be treated as priority collection.
  • Routine orders will be scheduled on patient's next designated collection day.
  • Stat ECGs are NOT available. A Priority Interpretation is available for patients requiring an urgent report during regular business hours and will be available from our default reader within 2-3 hours from the time the ECG is sent electronically. Requests for preliminary copies of electronic ECGs can be made to CLS Lab Information Centre (403-770-3600).
  • To assure integrity of the specimens prior to analysis and to comply with the laboratory standards of the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, some tests are not available for collection by Mobile Collection Service. Refer to the Guide to Services Directory of Tests to determine if test can be collected by Mobile Collection Service.

Frequency and Duration of Service

The duration of an order depends on the frequency requested. When an order is about to expire, this will be indicated on the patient report.