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CLS Reports

Compensation Disclosure

Calgary Laboratory Services is committed to transparency and has compiled with legislation to disclose compensation for employees as outlined in the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act.

The compensation information released is total annual compensation, which includes items such as basic salary, overtime, shift premiums, weekend premiums, on-call pay, vacation pay, benefits and severance.

The PSCTA has updated their exemption request policy and advised employers to withhold information for six months from the date of the decision.  This is to allow time for the applicant to apply to the court for a judicial review of the decision.  Ad individual is entitled to re-apply for an exemption in subsequent years if the individual's facts or circumstances have changed.  Detailed exemption requests for compensation amounts which met the salary threshold will be disclosed for prior years back to 2015, if they have not already been disclosed.  Please visit for more information regarding exemption requests.


Income plus taxable benefits paid to a member or employee excludes severance.

Other (non-monetary benefits)
If total compensation is $125,000 or more annually, non-taxable benefits, including the public sector body's share of pension, dental and health spending accounts and other benefits must also be disclosed.

Includes payments when employment or member's appointment ends or retiring allowance.

Attachments (when required)
an employment contract or severance agreement for employees who receive over $126,375 annually in compensation and/or severance.  Links open as PDF files.

Statement of Remuneration


These data are licensed under the Open Data License - Alberta

For inquiries related to this disclosure, including information about the exemption process, please contact Wendy Jossa, Vice President, Corporate Services.