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Company Profile

APL-Calgary  is a provider of diagnostic laboratory testing, information, and services that enable physicians and other healthcare professionals to make decisions to improve health. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alberta Health Services, we operate diagnostic medical laboratories in five acute care hospitals, the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre, and four health centre testing laboratories, as well as operating 19 Patient Service Centres throughout the community. In addition to the Calgary area, services are provided to other Health Authorities in southern Alberta.

Clinical laboratory testing is an essential element in the delivery of health care services. Physicians use laboratory tests to assist in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, monitoring, and treatment of diseases and other medical conditions. Testing is performed on body fluids, such as blood and urine, specimens collected for microbiological assessment, tissue biopsies, and other samples such as human cells.

We are uniquely positioned to build on the expertise and strengths of both hospital and community laboratories. In addition to providing a full range of diagnostic testing, APL offers:
  • Mobile client services
  • Employment related and occupational health clinical testing
  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Laboratory Physician consulting services
  • Laboratory support to research projects and clinical trials
  • Referral testing to other regions and organizations in southern Alberta
Research, which is fundamental to the APL-Calgary service delivery model, complements our commitment to patient care. Our researchers continue to improve and develop new methods of diagnosing a variety of diseases. Future advancements in this area will ensure Calgarians receive leading edge diagnostics through integrated research and training programs.

APL is an example of success in meeting the diverse challenges associated with the growing demand for laboratory medicine services and the management of health care resources. We are committed to excellence in providing an accessible, accountable and integrated health system, which promotes shared responsibility for improved health.


  • Diagnostic and Scientific Centre (DSC) is situated in the University Research Park close to the University of Calgary, Foothills Medical Centre (FMC), and Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH). The DSC provides laboratory testing for community physicians and also supports the testing for many centralized departments. Over 60% of all testing performed at APL Calgary occurs at this site.
  • Patient Service Centres (PSC) are located throughout Calgary and in Airdrie and Cochrane. The centres focus on phlebotomy and electrocardiogram services for the patients of community-based healthcare providers. Refer to the APL-Calgary website for the most up-to-date map of locations and hours of operation.
  • Mobile Services provides phlebotomy and electrocardiogram services to non-ambulatory patients living in the community who have serious medical conditions and are unable to travel to a APL-Calgary Patient Service Centre. APL staff travel directly to the patient’s residence to perform the service(s) required. A physician must request that a patient be placed on the mobile collection service based on eligibility by meeting established criteria.
  • Rapid Response Laboratories (RRL) operate in each of the acute care hospital sites. They provide phlebotomy service for inpatients and outpatients as well as on-site testing of general laboratory test procedures in Chemistry, Hematology, Transfusion Medicine, and Anatomic Pathology. The RRL coordinates the transfer of microbiology samples and non-urgent tests to the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre. The RRL also plays an active role in the sample collection and shipment of specimens from patients involved in Clinical Studies and provides Quality Assurance support for on-site Point of Care Testing (POCT) such as metered capillary blood glucose monitoring performed by nursing at the patient care unit.
  • Health Centre Testing Laboratories (HCTL) operate in each of the four current Health Centre sites: Airdrie Community Health Centre, Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre, South Calgary Health Centre, and Cochrane Community Health Centre. On-site testing is provided for a limited number of general laboratory procedures to provide the required level of laboratory support at these community sites. All other laboratory tests are transferred to the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre.

APL-Calgary Administration

Diagnostic and Scientific Centre
9-3535 Research Rd. NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2L 2K8

Switchboard Phone: 403.770.3500
Laboratory Information Centre: 403.770.3600

For more information on all the services APL-Calgary provides, refer to our website at (currently in transition)