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Media Policy

In accordance with the Health Information Act and CLS policy, CLS will protect the privacy and confidentiality of patient records. As such, all media are required to seek information through the CLS Communications Department and to respect the following policies:
  • Media representatives must obtain permission from the Communications Department before entering laboratory work areas or facilities.
  • Media representatives must be accompanied by a CLS staff member while on CLS property.
  • Videotaping/photography of patients and/or patient information (from computer screens, specimen containers, requisitions, reports, etc.) is forbidden without the written consent of the patient.
  • Battery power must be used for videotaping. High intensity lights will not be allowed, as the operation of the laboratory is dependant on sensitive instrumentation and must not be compromised.
  • Any potential disruption to laboratory workflow or patient/staff accessibility during filming or photography shoots must be approved by the Communications Department.
  • As it is difficult to predict workload volumes on any particular day or time, and because service and confidentiality of our patients is paramount, media interviews/taping may be rescheduled if deemed necessary by CLS representatives.

Media Contact

CLS Communications Department