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Pediatric Autopsies

Pediatric autopsy services are offered at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

Tissue Donation Information

Notification of the Medical Examiner for forensic cases.

Consent for Autopsy

Consent for Autopsy CHR#160012

Other forms

Registration of Death DVS5 /Reg3260
Medical Certificate of Death DVS6 /Reg3122
Notice of Death and Release of Body CHR#00298

The Consent for Autopsy form must be completed and signed by the requesting physician. Consent of the authorized representative must be obtained by the requesting physician and witnessed by a third party adult who can verify the identity of the person signing the form.

Identification of Bodies

  • An identification tag must be attached to the body and also to the outside of the shroud (2 identification tags).

The tags must have the following information:

  • First and last name
  • One of the following:
    • Alberta Health or Personal Health Number
    • Hospital Patient Identification Number (where applicable)

Autopsy Handling and Transport

  • Special handling procedures must be followed for autopsies on bodies with known or suspected infectious disease.
  • All bodies must be placed in a shroud for transfer and receipt to CLS.    
  • Pediatric autopsies are performed Monday to Friday and upon request on weekends.
  • Normally, the deceased is available for release within 48 hours of death.
  • If the autopsy is to be restricted to a specific anatomical site, please indicate that restriction clearly on the Consent for Autopsy form.
  • If chromosome studies are requested, documentation must include completed AHS Requisition for Constitutional Cytogenetics and FISH Services (CHR# 101667)

Autopsies from AHS Hospital Sites:

  • The chart and forms are forwarded to the Admission/Patient Placement department to be sent with the body to the Alberta Children's Hospital.
  • The Admitting/Patient Placement department of the hospital is responsible for arranging the transfer of a body to the Aberta Children's Hospital from Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre or Rockyview General Hospital.

Autopsies from Non-Hospital Sites Within the Boundaries of the Calgary Zone:

  • See above for the proper identification of the body.   
  • The forms and chart information must accompany the body. 
  • Bodies will be accepted for autopsy from deaths at home, care facilities or other hospitals that do not have an autopsy service, and for cases that do not come under the criteria of the Fatalities Inquiries Act.
  • Any charges that result from the transportation of the body to the Alberta Children's Hospital are the responsibility of the family.

Release of Bodies

After an Autopsy:

The body can be released directly to a funeral home or an authorized representative upon consent from the pathologist and in compliance with CLS guidelines. The person authorized to pick up the body must  show appropriate identification and sign for the acceptance of the body.