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Specimen Rejection for Pretransfusion Testing

Any of the following will necessitate specimen recollection:

  • Unlabelled specimens.
  • Specimens collected without the use of a RTSIS form.
  • Specimens collected without the RTSIS number being banded to the patient.
  • Specimens collected without the RTSIS number being placed on the specimen.
  • Specimens collected without patient identification number.
  • Specimens collected without patient name or with incomplete first or last name.
  • Specimens with any discrepancies in the name and/or identification number between the specimen label and accompanying documentation.
  • Unable to obtain missing documentation of collector/identifier.
  • Multiple patient identification on the requisition or specimen.
  • When directed by Transfusion Medicine staff to confirm patient identification (e.g. ABO and/or Rh of current specimen do not match historical records).

In all cases where specimens for pretransfusion testing have been rejected, the appropriate patient care unit will be notified of the rejection and a request for recollection will be made.

Corrections to labelling by the collector will be allowed in the following case:

  • Requisition/RTSIS form received without signature. Collector and/or identifier must sign before issue of crossmatched blood components.