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Cardinal Health Supply Order Information


Management of Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) physician office supply ordering is changing.  Responsibility of inventory management, ordering processing and shipping has been transitioned to Cardinal Health.  Orders will now be submitted online through Cardinal Health's web based order system.  At present, this roll out is primarily limited to locations in Calgary and immediate surrounding areas.

Eligible locations will receive a letter and/or phone call with further instruction. 

Purchasing Department Hours

Monday - Friday:  7:00 am to 4:45 pm
Cardinal Website

Helpful Documents


Item Cross Match Quick Reference

Training Guide

Browser Troubleshooting

Delivery Times

Orders submitted online via Cardinal's online system are approved by APL on your scheduled order bay (please see below):

Regular Shipment:  Your order should arrive 5 - 7 days after order has been approved by APL.

RUSH/STAT Shipment:  1 - 2 days after order is approved (a reason for RUSH/STAT is required, please see the FAQs).

Same Day Delivery:  APL/Cardinal are unable to provide same day delivery for supplies.  If you require an item same day, please contact APL to determine if the required item is available for pick-up.

I need an order sooner than my regular order day, but it is not a RUSH/STAT shipment.
Please submit your order online then email the Request ID number to and the reason your order needs to be approved/delivered out of schedule.  These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Order Schedule

Your current order submission day will not change.  Please continue to submit your order on the established day.  Order days are based on quadrant for urban Calgary locations:

South East Calgary - 1st Tuesday of every month

South West Calgary - 2nd Tuesday of every month

North East Calgary - 3rd Tuesday of every month

North West Calgary - 4th Tuesday of every month

Rural - As per your established order day.  Please contact if you are unsure of what day this is.